I am a linguist specializing in historical-comparative Indo-European linguistics and theoretical linguistics, in particular morphosyntactic change, the reconstruction of nominal and verbal morphology, and the diachrony of argument structure, valency, and voice. I mostly work on older Indo-European languages like Vedic Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, Hittite, and Latin, and I enjoy working on topics that combine language change and historical linguistics with syntactic and morphological theory. I am especially interested in mismatches between syntax and morphological exponence (“wrong” or exceptional forms), their diachrony, and their implications for syntactic and morphological theory. You can find most of my output (handouts, papers, etc.) on this website or on my academia.edu page, but please e-mail me if you’re having trouble finding a paper.

If you ask me if I consider myself a historical or a theoretical linguist I will probably say “both”.

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