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  • The largesse of diminutives: suppressing the projection of roots. With Dalina Kallulli. Proceedings of NELS 49, Cornell University, Oct. 5-7, 2018. Amherst: GLSA. Grestenberger_Kallulli_diminutives
  • The diachrony of participles in the (pre)history of Greek and Hittite: losing and gaining functional structure. Accepted for publication in Diachronica. Participles in Greek and Hittite
  • Historical linguistics. Chapter 8 of Introducing Linguistics: Theoretical and Applied Approaches, eds. John W. Schwieter & Joyce Bruhn de Garavito.  Chapter 8_Historical linguistics (new version! 8/16/2018)
    • A historical linguistics intro chapter aimed at anglophone undergraduate students. Comments/suggestions welcome! Note that the words “simplify” or “simplification” do not occur anywhere in this introduction.



  • Deponency in finite and non-finite contextsLanguage 94/3: 487-526. DOI: 10.1353/lan.2018.0034. Pre-publication manuscript:
  • Review of Walkden, George: Syntactic Reconstruction and Proto-GermanicKratylos 63: 112-125. Kratylos Rezension Walkden
  • Die Reflexe der *nt– und *mh1no-Partizipien im Hethitischen und Tocharischen (“the reflexes of the *nt– and *mh1no-participles in Hittite and Tocharian”). With Hannes A. Fellner. 100 Jahre Entzifferung des Hethitischen — Morphosyntaktische Kategorien in Sprachgeschichte und Forschung. Akten der Arbeitstagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft vom 21. bis 23. September 2015 in Marburg, ed. Elisabeth Rieken. Wiesbaden: Reichert, 63-82. FellnerGrestenberger_AktenMarburg2015



  • Reconstructing Proto-Indo-European deponents. Indo-European Linguistics 4/1, 2016. Pp. 98–149. DOI: 10.1163/22125892-00401001 IEUL_004_01_PIE deponents
  • Greek and Latin verbal governing compounds in *-ā– and their prehistory. With Hannes A. Fellner. In Etymology and the European Lexicon. Proceedings of the 14th Fachtagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft, 17–22 September 2012, Copenhagen, eds. B. S. S. Hansen, B. Nielsen Whitehead, T. Olander, and B. A. Olsen, 135–50. Wiesbaden: Reichert, 2016. eel-fellner-grestenberger
  • More span-conditioned allomorphy: Voice morphology in Classical Greek. In  Proceedings of NELS 46, eds. C. Hammerly and B. Prickett, vol. 2, 1-10. Amherst: GLSA. nels46_Grestenberger


  • Number marking in German measure phrases and the structure of pseudo-partitives. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 18/2, 2015. Pp. 93–138. DOI 10.1007/s10828-015-9074-1. Number marking in pseudo-partitives
  • From inalienable possession to reflexivity: The development of Vedic tanū– ‘body’Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics 30, 2015. Pp. 25-44. HWPL 30- Ved. tanU-


  • “Split Deponency” in Proto-Indo-European, in Proceedings of the 25th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, eds. S. W. Jamison, H. C. Melchert, and B. Vine, 75-84. Bremen: Hempen, 2014. Grestenberger_Split deponency in PIE
  • Zur Funktion des Nominalsuffixes *-i– im Vedischen und
    Urindogermanischen (“On the function of the nominal suffix *-i– in Vedic and Proto-Indo-European”), in: Das Nomen im Indogermanischen: Morphologie, Substantiv versus Adjektiv, Kollektivum. Akten der Arbeitstagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft vom 14. bis 16. September 2011 in Erlangen, eds. N. Oettinger & T. Steer, 88-102. Wiesbaden: Reichert, 2014. Akten_Erlangen_i-Stämme



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