Categorizers in diachrony

My project “Verbal categories and categorizers in diachrony” (Die Diachronie verbaler Kategorien und Kategorisierer, Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Elise-Richter-grant V 850-G) examines how verbal stem-forming and verbal derivational morphology in general develops and changes over time, with a focus on ancient Indo-European languages (especially Greek, Latin, and Indo-Iranian). Some activities and publications associated with this project are collected on this page.


Workshop “Deadjectival verb formation in Indo-European: Historical and theoretical perspectives”

This international workshop, which took place in Vienna from March 10-11, 2023, was co-organized with Viktoria Reiter (University of Vienna) and examined the morphology and semantics of deadjectival (especially “Caland-associated” verbs in Indo-European) from a comparative and theoretical perspective in order to gain a better understanding of the diachrony, semantics and derivational basis (bases?) of “deadjectivals”. A dedicated proceedings volume is in the works.

ICHL Workshop “Categorizers in diachrony”

A mini-workshop on comparative and theoretical approaches to categorizer change co-organized with Iris Kamil (University of Edinburgh) and Viktoria Reiter (University of Vienna) and the International Conference on Historical Linguistics 26 (Heidelberg, Sept. 4-8, 2023).

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