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  • Faculty of Language: Theoretical/generative/biolinguistics
  • Piotr Gąsiorowski blogs about the intricacies of PIE reconstruction
  • Asya Pereltsvaig blogs about the languages of the world (ALL OF THEM) and knows everything there is to know about the homeland problem.
  • Gillian Ramchand blogs about generative linguistics/syntax/philosophy of language
  • George Walkden blogs about “language, chocolate, and occasionally politics”


  • If you feel brave, you can watch Hannes and me present our joint work on passives in (proto)-Indo-European at ECIEC 36 (here’s the handout: Fellner_Grestenberger_ECIEC 2017 Handout). I was on skype for my part of the talk, but the quality is great, thanks to the organizers!

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